Using Your Retainer

Looking for a retainer near you? At Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist, we often get asked many questions about retainers. How long will I have to wear my retainer? How do I clean my orthodontic retainer? What happens if I lose my clear retainer? These are all great questions, but first, let’s cover what exactly a retainer even is and why they are useful.

About Orthodontic Retainers

An orthodontic retainer is typically worn after a patient has completed their braces treatment. Other patients may wear them to correct gaps and spacing issues, speech problems and even for certain medical conditions.

Orthodontic clear retainers are a custom-made dental appliance, typically made using wire and/or clear plastic. They are used to hold your teeth in position after teeth realignment or even oral surgery. After braces have been removed, a clear retainer can help keep your teeth properly aligned while your gums, bone, and muscles adjust to the new positioning. Neglecting to properly wear your retainer following braces can result in teeth shifting back to their original position.

Caring for Your Retainer

Much like your teeth, your retainer needs to be taken care of as well. Leftover food debris, plaque, and bacteria can grow on your retainer too! Soaking your retainer in mouthwash or denture cleaner can help remove debris and plaque along with killing any germs. Be sure to ask Dr. Bernuy what the best way of cleaning your retainer is.

Retainer Instructions

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, making sure you follow your retainer instructions provided by Dr. Bernuy is extremely important.

  • Always wear your retainer when directed unless Dr. Bernuy says otherwise.
  • Remove your retainer while eating.
  • Always put your retainer back in its case if you are not wearing it.
  • Clean your retainer a minimum of once a day.
  • If you have difficulty speaking while wearing your retainer, practice, practice, practice!
  • Keep your retainer away from anything hot (it can melt!); this includes hot water, car dashboards, stove tops, etc.
  • Always bring your retainer to any orthodontic appointments.
  • If you lose your retainer, contact Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist immediately for replacement retainers near you.

If you have any additional questions regarding retainers, our orthodontic treatments or your retainer instructions, contact our Georgetown orthodontic practice today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.