Things to Know About Getting a Brighter Smile

Who doesn’t want white, bright, and shiny teeth? At our orthodontics office in Georgetown, TX, we want our patients to have their best smile, one that can be proud of. If you’ve recently had treatment with us to correct your teeth’s alignment or any other treatment, the next step to getting your perfect smile may be tooth whitening. In this article, we’ll discuss four things to know about getting a brighter smile.

Why Did My Teeth Change Color?

Our habits and even our genetics can play a big role in the color of our teeth. To be more specific, take a look at a few things that may be making the color of your smile dull:

  • Food and Drink – Coffee, tea, and wine play a major role in the color of our teeth. The intense color pigments found in all three of these beverages attach themselves to your tooth’s enamel.
  • Tobacco Use – Tar and nicotine can wreak havoc on your tooth’s enamel.
  • Age – Over time, the outer enamel of your teeth begin to wear and thin allowing more of the under layer of your teeth, called dentin, to shine through.
  • Trauma – Getting hit in the mouth can change the color of dentin, making it darker and hence more noticeable under your enamel.
  • Medications – Some side effects of certain medications can have an effect on the color of our teeth.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Whitening products can contain one of two whitening agents. These include hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which are essentially bleaches that work to break down the stains of your enamel into smaller pieces, making them less noticeable.

Does Whitening Work On All Teeth?

Tooth whitening does not work on all teeth. It is imperative to consult your dentist first before spending any amount of money on whitening treatments.

What Are My Whitening Options?

If you want to put some shine back in your smile, assuming you are a candidate for teeth whitening, you have a few options:

  • Stain removal toothpaste
  • In-office bleaching
  • At-home bleaching kits
  • Over-the-counter bleaching products