The Benefits of Damon™ Smile Braces

Welcome to the latest and greatest of orthodontic treatments. Damon™ Smile Braces are great option for patients that want a method of alignment that is quick, convenient, and discreet.

You may have heard of Invisalign, or other commonly used clear, plastic aligners. Now there is a new solution to making sure that you get this straight, beautiful teeth that you’ve always wanted. For those patients that wish to avoid traditional methods, Damon is the different approach that you’ve been looking for. It helps guide teeth into place by reducing the amount of force, meaning you can finally wear braces that are comfortable making the process much less intimidating. In the following article we will discuss the benefits of Damon™ Smile Braces.

Faster Results

Damon™ Smile Braces do not contain metal or plastic ties, meaning that there is no need to tighten wires. Damon™ Smile Braces has a unique system that allows for self ligating, meaning that it has a specialized clip with a door in place of elastics.

Fewer Appointments

Damon™ Smile Braces utilizes lightweight, shape-memory wires, that allowed teeth the freedom to move faster without the need for as many adjustments.


Damon™ Smile Braces is able to realign teeth and enhance facial appearance without extracting teeth or using rapid palatal expanders.

Better Oral Health

With Damon™ Smile Braces braces you’ll be able to experience better oral health as they are easier to clean as they don’t have ties attached or food particles commonly gets stuck in traditional metal braces.

Helps with Facial Balance

Damon™ Smile Braces can help achieve a wider smile, and proven facial profiles and decreasing dark triangles that appear in the corners of the mouth.

At NBC Orthodontics, our primary concern is making coming to the orthodontist convenient for our patients. The first way we do this is by our vast family of locations in Georgetown, Round Rock and Austin, TX. If you are interested in your braces options are are hoping to transform your smile through the use of alignment procedures, we can help! Give on of our offices a call or an email to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!

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