The Benefits of Damon Smile Braces at NBC Orthodontics in Georgetown, TX 78626

NBC Orthodontics in Georgetown is proud to offer Damon Smile Braces at our Georgetown clinic. Damon Smile braces are a newer kind of orthodontic appliance that gives outstanding results in less time, with fewer appointments.

At Bernuy Orthodontics, with locations in Georgetown, we are proud to offer both traditional and clear brackets, depending upon your preference.

About Damon Braces at NBC Orthodontics in Georgetown, TX

Damon clear braces use a self-ligating brace system with brackets. These brackets close around the wire, holding it securely attached. This system gives teeth freer movement without the friction caused by metal or elastic ligatures, leading to shorter treatment time, fewer follow-up appointments, and much less discomfort during treatment.

Benefits of Damon Braces

Faster Results

Unlike the years-long process required by traditional braces, Damon braces work relatively fast. Treatment times for Damon patients are about six months less than conventional metal or elastic ligatured braces. That’s a real benefit when you’re looking for great outcomes in less time.

Fewer Appointments

Damon patients had about 48% fewer appointments than traditional metal braces.


Because no friction is involved by using elastic or metal ligatures, your teeth can slide more freely, thus shortening the treatment time, as well as causing less pain during treatment.

Better Oral Health

The elastic bands of conventional braces allow plaque to accumulate. Standard ligatures also become discolored by different foods and beverages. By eliminating these ligatures, the Damon system can lead to better oral health during orthodontic treatment, making your smile that much healthier when the braces come off.

Helps with Facial Balance

Damon braces allow a wider smile and a fuller facial profile. They also eliminate narrowed, pinched triangles in the corners of the mouth.

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