Straight Talk with Invisalign

Invisalign is an ideal option for people to straighten their teeth without going through the embarrassment of wearing metal braces. This applies especially to the teens and adults who wish to straighten their teeth.

About Invisalign

According to dentist for Invisalign in Austin, the aligners are removable clear trays which are worn over teeth for resurrecting the alignment issues. They are almost invisible which makes them one of the most popular choices as it doesn’t impact their self esteem. Plus, it has some benefits such as no restriction on eating and playing any type of sport without fear of injury. It is removable which also makes brushing and flossing easier.

According to Invisalign in Georgetown, there are some Myths associated with Invisalign Teen which needs to be busted. Here’s a look:

    • Invisalign treats only minor issues

Invisalign treats a wide variety of orthodontic issues which includes bite issues such as crossbite, deepbite, underbite, or overbite. With advancement in technology, the issues that can be treated with Invisalign are increasing.

    • Invisalign is expensive than metal braces

The cost of Invisalign is on par with the cost of metal braces and additionally, many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign just like they cover braces.

  • It is not possible to find out if the teens are wearing Invisalign often enough

Invisalign teen aligners come with small blue dots which are known as compliance indicators which fade as and when aligners are worn. It is helpful for parents as they can check if their teens are wearing the aligners long enough to get their benefits. It has been observed that most teen wear aligners as recommended i.e. for around 21 hours.

If you have done enough research, you will be able to find the right orthodontist for Invisalign treatment for your teen and they will enjoy the newly found confidence which comes from a great smile. It is important to maintain the right oral hygiene routine during the course of treatment and the dentist will recommend the tips for the same. After Invisalign procedure, the next step will be retainers.

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