Surgical Orthodontics Austin, TX

Surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic surgery, is somewhat similar to orthodontic treatment and is used to improve a patient’s ability to chew/eat, speak and even breathe. It may also be used to improve the appearance of a patient’s facial structure. The main difference, however, is that orthognathic surgery focuses on repositioning the jaw, correcting jaw irregularities instead of repositioning teeth.

About Surgical Orthodontics

In most cases, orthognathic surgery and orthodontic treatment are used in conjunction to correct a patient’s appearance and function of their jaw and smile. When the jaw is repositioned during orthodontic surgery, the teeth are also moved, combining orthodontic treatment helps ensure your teeth are in the proper position after surgery has been completed. Think you may benefit from surgical orthodontics in Austin, TX? Let us know!

Orthodontic Surgery

At Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist, we may recommend orthodontic surgery if the bite problem or skeletal discrepancy is too severe for orthodontic treatment to correct. It may also be recommended if orthodontics alone would not completely correct the issue or may result in a compromised facial appearance. For those with sleep apnea, orthognathic surgery has also shown positive results in improving symptoms.

Before orthodontic surgery can be performed, jaw growth must be completed. For girls, this is often around the age of 16. For boys, jaw growth is typically completed around the age of 18. Orthodontic treatment, however, can begin well before jaw growth is completed.

Schedule Your Surgical Orthodontics

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