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Mouth Guards

If you or your child plays sports or engages in a vigorous activity of any kind, custom-designed mouth guards keep teeth, tongues, and orthodontic work safe. Neker Bernuy, DDS — an expert, board-certified orthodontist at Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist — recommends mouth guards for active women, men, children, and those who grind their teeth at night. The team at Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist creates digital molds at their offices in Austin and Georgetown, Texas, which a specialized lab then uses to create perfectly fitted mouth guards. Protect your smile by booking a mouth guard fitting at Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist today. You can reach out by phone or schedule an appointment online.

Mouth Guards Q & A

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a protective covering made of plastic or silicone that you wear over your teeth to protect them from damage. A mouth guard may cover only your upper arch, lower arch, or both, depending on your needs.

Why do I need a mouth guard?

Mouth guards were traditionally prescribed for kids and athletes who played contact sports — such as football or hockey — to keep their teeth safer in case of a collision. However, anybody who plays any sport or engages in any activity where they could fall, collide, or otherwise injure their jaw, teeth, or head would benefit from a mouth guard.

Adults and children who engage in bruxism — an unconscious habit where you grind your teeth at night — need mouth guards, too. They only wear the mouth guards while they sleep.

How does a mouth guard protect my teeth?

A mouth guard offers a layer of protection from outside forces, such as an opposing player’s head, hockey stick, ball, etc. If you have orthodontics, the mouth guard prevents the wires on your braces from cutting the soft tissues in your mouth.

Mouth guards also protect your teeth if you bite down suddenly, which could shatter or break your teeth. If you grind your teeth, also called bruxism, they prevent your teeth from becoming ground down and your molars from flattening.

Does a mouth guard help with sleep apnea?

Many people with sleep apnea also grind their teeth, which seems to be the body’s way of reminding them to breathe. A mouth guard protects your teeth from bruxism.

However, mouth guards also help with sleep apnea more directly. Because a mouth guard holds your teeth apart and helps your mouth stay more open during the night, you can breathe more easily and are less likely to experience apneas (i.e., pauses in your breath) as you sleep.

Why should mouth guards be custom-made?

Over-the-counter mouth guards aren't precisely fitted to your teeth and don’t offer as much protection as a custom-designed mouth guard. Even the “boil and bite” guards aren’t as precise as a custom-designed guard, nor will they last as long.

Protect your teeth now and in the future with mouth guards for sports, play, or sleeping. Reach out by phone or schedule an appointment online with the team at Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist for a custom mouth-guard fitting today. 

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