Damon System in Austin & Georgetown, TX

Damon System in Austin & Georgetown, TX

Interested in our damon system in Georgetown? For many patients, the thought of wearing braces for one to two years doesn’t exactly sound fun. With newer Damon braces, however, we can achieve exceptional orthodontic results in a shorter period. At Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist, with locations in Georgetown and South Austin, we are proud to offer both traditional and clear brackets depending upon preference. Interested in the damon system in Georgetown? Let us know!

About Damon Braces Georgetown, Tx

Considering the damon system in Round Rock? Damon braces are a newer form of orthodontic treatment which uses self-ligating braces. Unlike traditional braces where the archwire is attached to the brackets using elastic ligatures, the Damon clear braces use brackets that have a component which closes around the wire, keeping it attached. Using this system allows the teeth to shift more freely due to no friction caused by elastic or metal ligatures, resulting in a shorter treatment time, less follow-up appointments and even less pain and discomfort during your treatment. Ready to start our damon system in Austin? Get in touch!

At our South Austin and Georgetown orthodontic offices, we offer both metal brackets and clear brackets for the damon system in Austin depending upon your preference. In comparison to traditional metal braces, both options are more aesthetically pleasing and less noticeable. To start your orthodontic treatment with damon system in 78626, schedule an appointment today.

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Benefits of the Damon Braces System

Each time there is an advancement in orthodontic technology, there are many benefits, and the Damon system in 78745 is no different. At Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist, we find that Damon braces have numerous benefits, including:

  • No ligatures
  • Fewer appointments
  • Less pain/discomfort
  • Quicker treatment time
  • Healthier for teeth
  • Easier to clean than traditional braces
  • Do not leave staining/discoloration after treatment
  • Less noticeable than traditional metal braces

Get Damon Clear Braces Today

Are you ready to perfect your smile with our Damon braces in Georgetown, TX? Contact our Georgetown and South Austin orthodontist today to schedule your appointment for damon system braces. We’d be happy to evaluate you or your loved one’s teeth to determine if our Damon system in Austin, TX is the best orthodontic treatment for you.

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