Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Does your child need a custom sports mouthguard in Georgetown, TX? At Bernuy Orthodontics, with locations in South Austin and Georgetown, we often have patients ask us if they can still participate in sports during their orthodontic treatment. And, the answer is yes! Dr. Bernuy does, however, recommend that every one of his orthodontic patients wears a custom-made sports mouth guard anytime they are participating in sports or athletic activities. Many people think that only contact sports require protection. However, even bike riding and frisbee can result in dental trauma. It is always best to protect yourself and of course, your investment!

About Orthodontic Mouthguards

Although mouthguards can be purchased in a variety of stores, the over-the-counter variety is often uncomfortable and ill-fitting. This can result in patients not wanting to wear them and insufficient protection from dental injuries. At Bernuy Orthodontics, our braces mouthguards are custom made for each patient. This helps ensure that the sports mouth guard fits and protects your teeth, gums, tongue and even jaw properly.

While playing sports or participating in athletic activities, the customized sports mouthguard for braces can easily be worn, protecting both upper and lower teeth along with the patient's gums, lips, and even jaw. Patients that do not wear a mouthguard while participating in sports are more likely to have traumatic dental injuries, resulting in damage to your braces and possibly even teeth. Interested in our custom sports mouth guards in Austin, TX?

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouthguards

  • Dental mouth guards are custom-made to fit perfectly
  • Orthodontic mouthguards fit comfortably
  • Our mouthguard for braces protects upper teeth, lower teeth, tongue, gums, and jaw
  • Sports mouthguards for braces prevent traumatic dental injuries

Want to make sure you or a loved one is as protected as possible while playing sports? Contact our South Austin or Georgetown orthodontist today! Don’t wear braces? A custom mouthguard should still be worn. We’d be happy to evaluate your dental health and discuss whether a sports mouthguard is the right option for protecting your teeth.

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