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Retainers Once you’ve gone through the trouble and expense of straightening your teeth and improving their function with orthodontics, the last thing you want is to let your teeth shift back into an abnormal position. Retainers from Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist preserve the benefits of your orthodontic procedures for years to come. Whether you had clear aligners or traditional braces, expert orthodontist Neker Bernuy, DDS, prescribes the optimal type of retainer to keep your smile healthy, straight, and strong. If you live in Georgetown, Texas, or surrounding areas, contact Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist for your best-suited retainer today. You can reach out by phone or online. Retainers Q & A.

What is a retainer? A retainer is an orthodontic device that preserves the benefits of your orthodontic treatment. Even after they’ve been moved into a healthy, strong position by orthodontics, teeth tend to “relapse” and gradually shift back into their original positions. If you had orthodontic work done as a child and you’re now an adult, you may have noticed that your smile isn’t as straight as it was directly after your treatment. In the past, orthodontists only recommended using a retainer for a few months after successful treatment. Now, however, we recommend using retainers for life.

What kind of retainer should I get? Dr. Bernuy prescribes the type of retainer you need for your case as well as the type of orthodontics you had. In some instances, you may need what’s called a “permanent retainer.” In other words, your teeth are in such danger of migrating backward that you need a metal appliance placed permanently in your mouth to hold your teeth in healthy alignment. Most, however, don’t need permanent retainers. Usually, you only wear retainers around the clock for a few months and then switch to night-time use only. Based on your needs, Dr. Bernuy may recommend: Permanent wire, fixed, or bonded retainer, Removable Hawley retainer (i.e., plastic and wire) Removable clear plastic retainers Removable clear plastic retainers are best when your orthodontic treatment was performed with Invisalign® clear aligners.

Invisalign has its brand of retainers, called Vivera®. How long do retainers last? Permanent retainers may last a lifetime. The Hawley retainers can last for up to 20 years. Clear plastic retainers, however, should be replaced more frequently. Generally, we recommend using plastic retainers for about a year. Vivera comes in packs of four, so you don’t have to return for new retainers right away.

How much do retainers cost? The cost of retainers varies by type and how often you must replace them. Of course, the cost of using a retainer is far less than having to redo your orthodontic treatment in the future. To preserve your hard-earned smile and maintain the benefits of your orthodontic treatment with the ideal retainer, contact Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist at our Georgetown, Texas, office by phone or online today.