Oral Health Habits to Teach Your Children

As adults – what is the most important thing we can teach the younger ones? Morals and values – maybe. Social and cultural aspects of humanity – maybe. Philosophy – maybe. But what will really serve them well in life is a set of oral health habits, inculcated in them from an early age. Something like – regularly visiting the experts in pediatric orthodontics in Georgetown.

Interestingly, many adults themselves do not have disciplined oral care habits. Or maybe, they do but the pressure from life and work cracks these habits off. So, what are the habits you should be inculcating your toddler to ensure she/he has a health mouth later in life? Here are a few experts in pediatric orthodontics near you would recommend:

    1. Brush between every meal.

Many brush and toothpaste manufacturers have advertised the thought of brushing twice or thrice in a day. Between all this constant messaging, how do you teach the younger ones, what is right?

The experts at NBC Orthodontics give a clear measure – brush your teeth between every meal. You don’t have to brush right away after a meal; but right before you get started with the next one, it would be great if you brush your teeth.

    1. Mouthwash is good. Floss is better.

In recent years, mouthwash brands have clearly splurged the public space. Every household, every bathroom cabinet today has a set of mouthwash or mouthwashes. Mouthwash is a great way to cleanse your teeth. But nothing works as well as the floss. No matter how well you do it, mouthwash is to be left for the last step. Floss gives you the right control in your hand.

    1. Prevention is better than cure.

Orthodontic specialists in Georgetown would highly recommend visiting your family dentist on regular intervals. Not only does this help in keeping your oral health in check, it helps you diagnose any future problems at their nascent and preventable stages.