Invisalign Teen: 3 Things Parents Need to Know

Braces, being such a pivotal part of growing up, can seem daunting. As a parent, we want to make sure our kids are as healthy, lively, and confident as possible. Between appointments, music class and homework, we want our kids to be focused on the important things in life! Not broken wires, or brace adjustments, but how can we offer them this, while getting their teeth straightened?

Cutting-edge technology now allows one to get their teeth straightened with a nearly invisible, plastic tray molded to the wearer’s teeth. Through a series of sets of these invisible braces, even the most crooked smile can achieve a straight set. Is your child a good fit for this type of straightening method? Read on to find out important information before you and your teen make a final decision.

  1. Why is Invisalign practical?

    With invisible liners, the possibilities are endless! As opposed to conventional braces, your child can eat their favorite foods, floss, and brush to maintain proper oral hygiene, and continue about their normal life without wires getting in their way. Another practical advantage to Invisalign is that your child’s confidence is boosted without a mouth full of metal. Teen years are hard enough already; alleviate some anxiety they may have by using Invisalign!

  2. Does Invisalign Teen save me time?

    After the initial appointment, follow up appointments are usually scheduled between 4 to 6 weeks. With no wires to adjust or brackets to re-glue, you save yourself trips back and forth to the dentist, making them much more time efficient than traditional braces.

  3. Is Invisalign Teen as effective as traditional braces?

    When taken seriously and worn according to each customized plan, Invisalign can be as effective as conventional braces.

In order to find out how good of a candidate your child is, visit your local orthodontist for a full comprehensive check of their options. Don’t wait; you’re closer to a more beautiful smile!