Invisalign Express Braces: Straighten Your Teeth Quickly!

The Invisalign Express system offers a five-stage treatment plan, in which the patient switches to a new set of aligners every two weeks until the teeth have been moved to their proper places. Unlike the traditional Invisalign system, the Invisalign Express treatment can be completed in three months or less.

What Makes Invisalign Express Different?

Invisalign Express is different from traditional Invisalign in that the Express system is designed for patients whose teeth need only very minor correction. For patients who wish to correct tiny gaps, minor crowding, or slightly crooked teeth, Invisalign Express may be the best choice.

The Benefits of Invisalign Express

There are many benefits to choosing the Invisalign Express system if your smile needs only minor correction. Here are some of the reasons more and more patients are using Invisalign Express.

  • It’s fast – Unlike the original Invisalign system, which can take up to a year to complete, Invisalign Express treatment is completed in three months or less. This shorter time commitment makes Invisalign Express an attractive option.
  • It’s economical – Because Invisalign Express requires fewer aligners, it is often the more affordable choice for patients. Why spend money on full orthodontic treatment when your teeth need only minor adjustment?
  • It’s convenient – Using Invisalign Express means fewer office visits, a shorter time commitment, and fast results. Busy adults and teenagers can appreciate the convenience of using this faster-paced system.

Treating Orthodontic Relapse

Invisalign Express can be a great choice for patients whose teeth have shifted slightly since completing orthodontic treatment. This shift often occurs due to the patient not wearing his or her retainer often enough after the braces have come off. With the Invisalign Express system, however, patients can shift their smiles back into place without having to go through the entire length (and expense) of their treatment again.

Is Invisalign Express Right For You?

Why wait any longer to make corrections to your smile? If you are interested in making minor improvements to your smile without committing time and money to a lengthy treatment, Invisalign Express could be the right treatment for you. Schedule your Invisalign consultation at Bernuy Orthodontic Specialists. We’ll help you decide which Invisalign treatment will work best for you and provide you with information about your options for perfecting your smile.

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