Get Straight Teeth Faster with Clear Damon Braces

NBC Orthodontics offers an incredibly wide range of options when it comes to straightening and correcting teeth. It can even be overwhelming deciding what option is best for you. Our dental team works side by side with each individual patient to figure out with option is best for them personally. One effective treatment option is known as clear Damon braces. Continue reading to learn more about this popular method.

How Do Damon Braces Work?

Similar to traditional metal braces, Damon braces have a bracket on each individual tooth. These brackets help to guide each tooth to its proper place. Elastic bands help to hold metal braces together, and this requires more force to be put on the metal in order to move the teeth. This, in turn, allows for a longer treatment. Damon braces use the work of small metal latches to help guide the teeth in their place. It moves them more quickly and with less force. We have found that Damon braces correct teeth 30% faster than traditional metal braces. It also allows for less additional treatments such as tooth extractions and the use of headgear.

One of the best qualities of Damon braces is their look. The brackets are made of clear plastic in order to achieve a more discreet look. With quicker results, fewer treatments, and an almost invisible look, there is hardly anything Damon braces don’t offer! If you are interested in correcting your smile with the help of Damon braces, then contact our orthodontics office. Call us today for more information on the different treatment options we offer and to schedule your next consultation with a member of our dental staff. Don’t hesitate to finally achieve the smile you have dreamed of having!

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