Clear Damon Braces for Straight Teeth

When people think of braces, they most likely think of the traditional “metal mouth” situation. However, braces have made advancements over the years, with more options available now than in the past. One of these options is Damon Braces, a system that can correct orthodontic issues faster than wire braces.

How Traditional Braces Work

Traditional metal braces utilize brackets and wires to gradually change the position of the teeth. Brackets are attached to each tooth, and wires are attached to the brackets, held in place with small elastic bands. Though this method is effective, it’s not the most efficient because the wires have to apply more force on the teeth to work and they inhibit the movement of the teeth, lengthening the treatment.

How Damon Braces Work

Damon Braces work using the same basic principle as traditional braces, with brackets and wires moving the teeth. However, the difference with Damon Braces is that the wires are held by the brackets themselves via a small metal latch. This enables the wires to move the teeth more easily, using less force. This increased efficiency shortens the treatment time – Damon Braces can straighten teeth up to 30% faster than traditional methods.

Advantages of Damon Braces

Not only do Damon Braces shorten the length of treatment for straightening teeth, which in itself is an advantage, but they are also less conspicuous than traditional metal braces. The brackets used in Damon Braces are made of a clear plastic, which, though not completely invisible, are much less noticeable than a mouthful of metal when talking, smiling, and eating. Plus, they can be more comfortable than traditional braces.

If you are thinking about getting your teeth straightened, talk to your dentist about all of the options available, including Damon Braces.