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Braces If your teeth are crooked, or you have an overbite or underbite, braces can restore the beauty of your smile and the function of your teeth and jaws. Expert and caring board-certified orthodontist Neker Bernuy, DDS, corrects misaligned teeth with your choice of braces at Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist in Georgetown, Texas. Whether you want traditional wire braces or the discreet, near invisibility of Invisalign® or other clear aligners, straighter, healthier teeth are within your reach. Show off your smile proudly again by booking an appointment

Braces Q & A

What are braces?

  • Braces are an orthodontic treatment that repositions teeth that are misaligned. You or your child may need braces if you have any type of malocclusion (i.e., poorly functional bite) or misalignment, such as
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Twisted teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth

You may also choose braces for purely aesthetic reasons so that you can enjoy the beauty of generally straighter teeth.

What types of braces are available?

traditional metal braces with wire and brackets are attached to the front of your teeth. Although metal braces have drawbacks (e.g., food gets caught in them, they may irritate soft oral tissues), they’re an excellent choice for children and teens who aren’t yet responsible enough for higher-maintenance braces such as clear aligner trays.

Clear braces

Clear braces work similarly to metal braces. However, the brackets and sometimes the wires are made from opaque or tooth-colored materials that are more discreet.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are traditional bracket-and-wire braces, except placed on the back sides of your teeth instead of in the front. Lingual braces,Types Braces Bernuy Ortho therefore, are less visible and noticeable to others.

Damon braces

Damon braces are a new type of braces that use a patented slide mechanism to hold wires in place on their brackets. Traditional braces use elastics to hold the wires in place, which can sometimes lead to bacteria buildup or cause friction that slows down the straightening process. Damon braces also create wider smiles. They reduce the appearance of “dark triangles” at the corners of your smile.

Invisalign clear aligners

Invisalign is a breakthrough orthodontic treatment that uses a series of custom-designed graduated clear plastic aligner trays to nudge your teeth into more perfect positions. Invisalign is made of patented SmartTrack® material that moves your teeth but is soft and comfortable to wear. Invisalign straightens your teeth faster than traditional braces. In many cases, your active treatment is complete in as little as six months.

 How soon can my child get braces?

Gone are the days when orthodontists recommended that all of a child’s permanent teeth be possible, while some baby teeth are still in place so that the permanent teeth come in straighter.

Phase 1 orthodontics refers to treating children as young as five years old with braces that correct alignment problems that could affect the function of their teeth and bite. Phase 1 isn’t to fix aesthetic issues, only functional ones. Generally, children who undergo Phase 1 orthodontics treatments need a shorter treatment period in Phase 2.

Phase 2 takes place after their permanent teeth have erupted. If you or your child suffers from teeth that are crooked, crowded, or gapped, or if you have a malocclusion or abnormal bite, contact the Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist team in Georgetown, Texas today. You can reach out by phone or schedule an appointment online.