Teeth Whitening Tips

Five Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

Brushing and flossing regularly is great for keeping teeth healthy, but it can be difficult to keep them bright and white. Fortunately, there are several tooth whitening options now available to add some sparkle back to that smile. If you have been thinking about undergoing one of these cosmetic treatments, here are five things you … Read more

Getting a Brighter Smile

Things to Know About Getting a Brighter Smile

Who doesn’t want white, bright, and shiny teeth? At our orthodontics office in Georgetown, TX, we want our patients to have their best smile, one that can be proud of. If you’ve recently had treatment with us to correct your teeth’s alignment or any other treatment, the next step to getting your perfect smile may … Read more

Braces for Straight Teeth

Clear Damon Braces for Straight Teeth

When people think of braces, they most likely think of the traditional “metal mouth” situation. However, braces have made advancements over the years, with more options available now than in the past. One of these options is Damon Braces, a system that can correct orthodontic issues faster than wire braces. How Traditional Braces Work Traditional … Read more

Tips of Brighter Teeth

Get Straight Teeth Faster with Clear Damon Braces

Have you just found out you are in need of braces from your dentist at Bernuy Orthodontic Specialist? You may be surprised at the variety of options in braces with the technology of today. Our office offers several high-quality teeth correcting services. One option your dentist may bring up is known as Damon Braces. What … Read more

Orthodontics Jaw Surgery

Everything You Need to Know About Surgical Orthodontics

Unfortunately, if you suffer from speech difficulties, an inability to properly chew food, facial dysfunction in the form of joint pain, headaches or gum problems you may need surgical orthodontics. Also known as orthognathic surgery, surgical orthodontics is commonly used to treat patients with severe jawbone abnormalities and jaw bite issues. Read on to see … Read more

Invisalign Teen 3 Things Parents Need to Know

Invisalign Teen: 3 Things Parents Need to Know

Braces, being such a pivotal part of growing up, can seem daunting. As a parent, we want to make sure our kids are as healthy, lively, and confident as possible. Between appointments, music class and homework, we want our kids to be focused on the important things in life! Not broken wires, or brace adjustments, … Read more

Secretly Straighten Your Teeth

Secretly Straighten Your Teeth

Straightening your teeth via braces has been a teenage rite of passage for many people. It seems like an ideal time to do so since many other teens are also wearing braces, so you don’t feel like the only one. But as we get older, if we do not straighten our teeth when we are … Read more

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening: What Works & What Doesn’t

The internet is full of misnomers about many topics, tooth whitening being one of them. Varying reports of safety, the health of the tooth, what causes teeth discoloration, different methods of whitening…it can be very hard to decipher the truth and know what the best course of action is. To help out, here are some … Read more

Myths About Braces Explained

5 Myths About Braces Explained

Over the past several decades, there’s been giant advances in orthodontics. Many changes to how braces move the teeth have caused some people to become confused. Changes like these can lead to myths wherein these people believe something that may not be true. It is important to have a clear understanding of the truth behind … Read more