How to look after braces and retainers

When the braces are fitted, the Orthodontist in Austin will explain to you how to look after them as it’s important to clean the braces and teeth for keeping them in a good condition. If you are looking for some tips and suggestions on taking care of your braces or retainers, here’s a look: How … Read more

Oral Health Habits to Teach Your Children

As adults – what is the most important thing we can teach the younger ones? Morals and values – maybe. Social and cultural aspects of humanity – maybe. Philosophy – maybe. But what will really serve them well in life is a set of oral health habits, inculcated in them from an early age. Something … Read more

4 Reasons to go to a Dentist For Teeth Whitening in Austin

It goes without saying that everyone dreams of a flawless smile. Those perfect pearly whites are what every one of us wants. However, not everyone is naturally blessed with white teeth. Also, with passage of time, teeth lose their whiteness due to consumption of staining foods as well as poor oral care routine. But, fret … Read more

Straight Talk with Invisalign

Invisalign is an ideal option for people to straighten their teeth without going through the embarrassment of wearing metal braces. This applies especially to the teens and adults who wish to straighten their teeth. About Invisalign According to dentist for Invisalign in Austin, the aligners are removable clear trays which are worn over teeth for … Read more

Wearing Sports Mouth Guards Can Save Your Teeth

If you play any type of sports, you may be familiar with the term mouth guards. But ever wondered why sports Mouth guards are so important? The sports mouth guards are designed for protecting your teeth from any damage due to impact. A high-quality Custom Mouth Guard Georgetown will make you confident and help in … Read more

Protect Your Child’s Smile with Mouth Guards

Does your child partake in sports such as baseball, soccer, hockey or even football? Wondering if your child should be protecting their smile during activities such as skateboarding, rollerblading or even gymnastics? At Bernuy Orthodontics we are proud to offer custom mouthguards in Georgetown and Austin, TX for our patients interested in additional protection for … Read more

Avoid These Dental Disasters Braces Can Cause

The orthodontist in Georgetown, 78626 want to share with you that they know what it takes in making the transition to wearing metal brackets and the wires. There are dental disasters that you can avoid by using the right treatment recommendations that the orthodontist near you has given you in maintaining your great oral hygiene … Read more

Why it’s Important to Wear a Mouthguard

Do you or a loved one enjoy athletic activities or playing sports? Want to make sure your smile is as protected as possible even while participating in sports? At Bernuy Orthodontics we are proud to offer custom mouthguards in South Austin and Georgetown for our patients that participate in athletic/sports activities and are interested in … Read more

5 Tips to Help Prevent Fear for Kids at the Dental Office

If you are seeking out a pediatric orthodontist near you for your child, you might be worried about how your child might react. If it’s a new experience, it can be quite frightening. There are bright lights, reclining chairs, and people who stare into your mouth. This can be enough to frighten anyone, especially kids! … Read more

The Benefits of Damon Smile Braces at NBC Orthodontics in Georgetown, TX 78626

NBC Orthodontics in Georgetown is proud to offer Damon Smile Braces at our Georgetown and Austin clinics. Damon Smile braces are a newer kind of orthodontic appliance that gives outstanding results in less time, with fewer appointments. At Bernuy Orthodontics, with locations in Georgetown and South Austin, we are proud to offer both traditional and … Read more