Avoid These Dental Disasters Braces Can Cause

The orthodontist in Georgetown, 78626 want to share with you that they know what it takes in making the transition to wearing metal brackets and the wires. There are dental disasters that you can avoid by using the right treatment recommendations that the orthodontist near you has given you in maintaining your great oral hygiene habits.

Good Oral Hygiene is Always Important, But Essential With Braces

Good oral hygiene is not about keeping your teeth bright and white. It is all about avoiding some of the big dental disasters like tartar buildup, demineralization, and gingivitis that makes it even more important while you are wearing braces. Oral hygiene is harder when you have braces, but developing problems makes you more prone when you are wearing them.

Appliance Issues

Your orthodontist in Georgetown does not tell you to avoid certain foods without good reason. Some foods can cause your hardware to break or get stuck in your teeth or braces.

Some of the most common appliance issues that have been encountered during treatment are:

  • Loose bands or spacers – only your orthodontist can secure them into place or replace them. Never try to repair the bands yourself.
  • Protruding or broken wires – a broken wire can hurt when it is poking you in the cheek or some other area of your mouth and can cause some real pain. Never try to cut that wire yourself; your orthodontist needs to complete this process.
  • Loose brackets – Several patients will experience a loose bracket during their treatment. If so, apply a little bit of orthodontic wax to the bracket until you can get to the Orthodontist in Georgetown 78626 to have it reattached.


It is hard to clean your teeth while wearing braces and this can cause an increased chance of cavities to develop. Having metal brackets and wires placed on your teeth make spaces for bacteria, food, and plaque to get trapped. To avoid the cavities, you need the right tools to clean your teeth during your orthodontic treatment. Patients that have braces use specially designed tools and brushes to get around wires and brackets, and you, the patient must take extra time to conduct a thorough clean every time you brush.


Patients find that one of the most common problems they will encounter is discoloration and staining. Mostly due to it being difficult to clean your teeth. Many of our patients will find they end up with a white area where the bracket was mounted to the tooths surface. It leaves the rest of the tooth looking yellow compared to when the braces are taken off. The spots will fade eventually, and whitening products can help get rid of them once you get your braces off.


It happens when acid has the opportunity to attach your teeth. Patients who have acid reflux or eat a lot of foods that have a high acid content are at high risk for demineralization to occur. Extreme sensitivity due to broken-down enamel is a prevalent side effect.


Patients wearing braces are at increased risk to develop gum disease because the braces make it harder to clean around the gums. The condition usually occurs because bacteria will build up around the gumline and if it is not treated, it can worsen and lead to gum and tooth loss. The symptoms of gum disease are bleeding, irritation, and inflammation of the gum tissue.


When your tooth’s underlying layer becomes exposed due to gum tissue receding, it can cause sensitivity. Anyone can develop sensitivity, but it seems those with braces are the most susceptible. Braces are harder to clean around, and with poor oral cleaning and care it can lead to irritated and receding gum lines.

Bad Breath

When you combine poor oral hygiene and poor nutrition, it can lead to bad breath quickly. We tell our patients to get their teeth cleaned professionally several times a year while wearing braces to get rid of bacteria and plaque.

To take great care of your of your teeth and avoid all dental disasters while wearing braces, schedule a visit with your orthodontist in Georgetown.