A Child’s Missing Teeth May Not Be As Cute As We Think

Parents often think a child’s missing tooth is adorable. Everything about it brings a smile to people’s faces, from the innocent look the cute lisp. however, some children’s missing teeth may bring further complications that are not so cute. Our team at NBC Orthodontics is eager to provide your children with the best and highest quality of care. Continue reading on to see when a child’s missing teeth might not be as cute as we think.

If your child has lost their tooth prematurely, then it can very much be affecting their confidence levels. Several factors including decay and accidents can contribute to children losing their teeth. Some circumstances could benefit from a replacement to until the permanent teeth have grown in. Many dentists might recommend pediatric partials for children’s missing teeth.

Discover the benefits of pediatric partials

Pediatric partials can bring a wide variety of benefits and are used to fix several different issues, including the following:

  • Restore a smile’s natural appearance
  • Prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting
  • Support normal speech
  • Maintain proper mouth structure

How to pediatric partials work?

Pedi-partials are composed of prosthetic teeth that are fastened to the surrounding teeth for a secure hold. This method allows for a natural looking and feeling smile while keeping your child smiling. They do not have to be self-conscious over their missing teeth anymore with the help of pediatric partials. Pediatric partials are made to be kept in place until the natural teeth erupt and replace them.

How are they taken care of?

Pediatric partials need the same good care as natural teeth. Just like your own natural teeth, partials can accumulate bacteria and debris that is harmful to the overall mouth. Therefore, regular brushing and flossing are essential to keeping your partials looking and feeling their best. The area may be sensitive at first, but after your child gets used to the new restoration, they will feel normal.

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