5 Tips to Help Prevent Fear for Kids at the Dental Office

If you are seeking out a pediatric orthodontist near you for your child, you might be worried about how your child might react. If it’s a new experience, it can be quite frightening. There are bright lights, reclining chairs, and people who stare into your mouth. This can be enough to frighten anyone, especially kids! The following five tips can help keep your child calm when you seek out a dental office near you.

Make Oral Health Care Fun

Talk about what your child can expect at the pediatric dentistry in Georgetown before making the appointment. Avoid scary terms and don’t put suggestions in their head with phrases such as ‘it won’t hurt’. Make brushing their teeth a fun routine with themed brushes and family modeling.

Start Early

The sooner you start taking your child to the dentist, the easier it will be to get accustomed to the atmosphere. Some dentists suggest bringing your child in by their first birthday! Bringing in an older child for the first time can result in tantrums and noncooperation. The first visit can be very brief; it’s simply a quick exam with Fluoride placement. The more a child visits a dentist, the more comfortable they become.

Make Their First Visit a Big Deal

Build your child’s confidence by making a big deal out of their first time at a dentist. Let them know how proud of them you are and continue to reinforce how important oral health is and how they’re doing a great job of taking care of their teeth.

Practice At Home with Play Pretend

You can play dentist at home and reap all the advantages of preparing your child ahead of time for their actual visit. Children love to play pretend, so use their favorite animal or toy and let them pretend to be a dentist. Show them what a dentist will do and let them go from there.

Pick the Right Dentist

Picking the right dentist is important, so make sure you find one near you that’s used to seeing children and knows how to make visiting the dentist a fun, playful experience. It can make all the difference!