5 Reasons Parents & Kids Prefer Invisalign Teen

April 26, 2019

5 Reasons Parents & Kids Prefer Invisalign Teen

Do you want orthodontic treatment for your teen? Usually, traditional brackets and wired braces are the best options for the patients at any age. It can be challenging for teens as their appearance change, oral hygiene routines and diet is also a struggle.

Orthodontist in 78626 recommends Invisalign teen. This treatment offers more flexibility, fewer dentist visits and a flawless smile throughout the process.

  • Easier to Keep Teeth Clean
  • It is difficult for kids to brush and floss properly if any adding physical barrier is added like brackets and wires.

    Orthodontist in 78745 suggests Invisalign trays which are removable and is easy to brush, floss, and replace.

  • No Changes in Diet
  • With bracket and wire braces, you cannot eat properly and restricted for eating some kind of foods.

    Pediatric orthodontist in Georgetown recommends Invisalign as you can eat whatever you want. If a teen tosses out alignment tray with lunch, it can be replaced without any additional cost.

  • Great for Busy Schedules
  • It is difficult to visit Orthodontist in Austin due to busy schedules. With Invisalign in Georgetown, kids need to visit every six to eight weeks for short check-ups.

    • They Have Built-In Compliance Indicators
    • The compliance indicators are built in Invisalign appliances which are easy for you and your dentist to tell whether the teen is following a treatment plan or not.
      With the help of these indicators, it’s simple for the orthodontist in Georgetown to adjust treatment plans and get them back on track.

    • Kids Keep Their Beautiful Smiles Throughout Treatment
    • Invisalign trays are almost completely clear where your teen can smile with confidence. Invisalign looks great, smooth and are ideal for teens that play sports.

    There are a variety of treatments for young patients from infants to age 18 including orthodontic options i.e. Invisalign which are comfortable and cosmetically appealing.

    To learn more about this treatment option for you and your teen, visit a pediatric orthodontist in Austin. The treatment is chosen by many parents for their kids as it straightens the teeth and enhances the appearance of their smile.

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